608 days

So in my last post I shared (probably TMI) about my experience after one year of CrossFit.

Today's post is about my experience after two years of CrossFit.

Well, no, not really.  It's about my experience after 608 days, which, if you remember anything about the planets from about the 3rd grade, does not equal two Earth years.

But if you happen to live on Venus, then I guess I'd have been CrossFitting for almost three years when I wrote this.

Speaking of Venus, did anyone see the Transit of Venus on June 5?  Seriously awesome astronomical event.  If only because of the cool glasses.

Transit of Venus viewers.
And how about that Curiosity Rover?  You know, landing on Mars and all a couple of weeks ago?  That was some pretty cool sh*t.

But back to the point.

608 days.

And a ridiculous picture to go with it.

It's important to wear a nice dress and your best Chucks during a semi-formal CrossFit workout at your gym.