In the time of COVID


Wow.  Over six years since my last post.  Yeah, I'm not so great at this blogging thing.

Oh well.  At the moment there are more important things to think about.  Like the fact the world has imploded due to COVID-19.  Maybe we can have a discussion about that in a future post, but I really doubt the we'll ever be the same.  I'm someone who loves to travel, but the idea of getting on a plane or being in enclosed or indoor spaces with other people right now -- or even in the near future -- just isn't going to happen.

Which brings me to why I thought I'd try to start posting again.  From some of my previous posts, you may have gathered that I enjoy going to a gym to get my exercise on.  In the years and months preceding COVID, that involved boxing or kickboxing or lifting weights or doing FRC under the direction of Nic Holck.  But that's all changed.

So I've had to change, too.  And what I've found now, in a strange turn of events, is that pacing figure 8s around my backyard has become my new favorite form of exercise, and, unexpectedly, a meditation.

What a 4.41 miles might look like in a backyard of less than 0.23 acres

Or if you choose to get all satellite-imagery on it

65 days ago I started this pacing pattern, mainly as a way to get off my butt and move my body in some way.  Since then I've paced my way to 207 miles.  All in less than 0.23 acres.  Friends have asked why I don't just walk out my front door and go for a walk like a normal person.  That'll be the subject of a future post, because I have things to say about that.

But what I've decided to do while pacing the backyard is to "walk" from my house in Tucson to my friends Kim and Heidi's place in Queens, NY.  I was supposed to have visited them in March, but...well, COVID.  So because that couldn't happen, why not combine my pacing with my love of travel instead?  In the virtual sense, of course.

Easy peasy, right?

And as I'm walking, I've decided to explore the towns and places I "pass through" along the way.  Almost as good as being there myself, right?  And maybe I'll discover some gems to explore in the future when we all might be able to travel again.

I'm also choosing to not let these posts become so precious that I fail to post anything at all, so they won't be perfect.  Instead I'd like to use them as a means to record some of what's going on in my own world right now.  Not that it's any more important or special than what's going on in your world right now.  So maybe it's really more of a way to keep me sane.

I hope you all are doing okay.  It's a crazy time right now.  Days and weeks no longer seems to have meaning.


  1. What a fun idea! Now I get it, I had read another post first and was a little confused.


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