Duran, New Mexico

About 20 miles northeast of Corona is the town of Duran, New Mexico.  You know you're a child of the 80s if the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that is Rio or Hungry Like the Wolf.

No, not this Duran (Duran) (Photo credit: YouTube via The Observer)

According to Wikipedia, the population of Duran was 35 in 2010.  So technically it's not a ghost town, although elements of abandonment are there.

Above photos thanks to New Mexico True

There's very little else about the town on Wikipedia, but I found a fantastic blog called City of Dust that describes the history of Duran in some detail.  It does such a great job, in fact, that I won't even try to summarize it here and instead encourage you to read it yourself.  Suffice to say there are railroads, horses, and murder involved.

I've now walked 467 miles and over a million steps in the 0.23-acre postage stamp of my backyard.   

Kim and Heidi have covered just over 700 miles through walking and biking.

This means we're now less than 50 miles from being officially half-way through our journey to virtually meet up with each other somewhere in the middle of the country.  Which, even though we're "only" half-way, might require some sort of celebration considering that if we wait until we fully complete the journey, the math indicates it'll be another 7 months before that happens.  I think it's important to find and celebrate the little things right now, no?

Stay safe, everyone, and find joy where you can.  I'm trying to do a better job of that myself.